All parents to be are warned! You have no sooner made your announcement and you are let in on the so called secret….”You will never have a good night sleep again!”… “Enjoy your sleep while it lasts!”. We were all warned but, like most things, until you are actually living it, it’s difficult to take seriously.

However, if you are like me and your new little bundle, in fact LOVES their sleep (just like mummy) you may too have been well and truly spoiled when baby began sleeping through the night relatively early. For us, this happened at about the month mark. Those early days, busily getting to know our brand new baby boy were blessedly followed by peaceful nights where Baby B performed a 10 to 11 hour sleep stunt night after night….agghhh.

The relief that those warnings weren’t true for me and my hubby as we ventured into parenthood, coupled with the underlying joy of being a well-rested Mum with a newborn (if perhaps a little cocky) led me to virtually ignore the never ending stream of sleep advice provided by dear family and friends, mothers groups, books and even social media. No need for sleep training in this house!

Then BOOM!!! Baby B hit his 8th month….he’s crawling-Fantastic! He pulls himself up now! Great! He is eating solids! How fun! But here too began the dreaded night waking’s…12 am, 2 a.m., 4a.m…. What is going on???? This bushy tailed Mumma quickly slipped into the hazy territory of sleep deprived parenthood with pretty much no warning and phrases like “Sleep regression” quickly became the cry of the day.

And so we began our search to discover the wealth of information and support that exists out there-some of which I too quickly dismissed as new parents. As Baby B approaches his first birthday (and shows no sign of returning to that dream sleeper of the early days) we hope to share what we find-anything and everything sleep related in the hope that other mummies and daddies out there may find even a glimmer of insight to help in the quest for a good night sleep for you and your darling Bub.

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